"inPOWERING families to find solutions in their relationships, finances, health, and spiritual wholeness at Center of inPOWERmeant!"


Everyone deserves a second chance and some a third and fourth opportunity. After the passing of her mother in 2009 iRiS has made it a mission to give to those in need monthly,quarterly, and annually.  Men, women, and children who are in transition homes, being treated and recovering from cancer, addictions and those re-entering the workforce or fulfilling entrepreneur dreams. 2017 marked the beginning of a new era of giving for iRiS. She established the OMB Families in Transition Scholarship and The Brady Richardson Scholarship and gave the first scholarships at the annual InPowerMeant Summit 2017.

We have helped families with: Groceries, Gas, the elder with transportation to and from doctor appointments, funeral expenses and much more. Your donations help us continue to build bridges of hope and solutions. Thank you in advanced!


Living beyond Survival!

Providing inpowering, lasting hope, and long term solutions to families facing hardships through education, support, programs and services.


OMB Families in Transition Scholarship is a scholarship helping families in transitions, due to loosing income, home, or other devastating events. We also give clothing and home furnishing to families in need. iRiS's mother had a passion for helping families. In her tradition iRiS and the Board Members of Center of inPOWERmeant Inc. is carrying her dream forward.

WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC. MUSIC BY INDIA ARIE- A BEAUTIFUL DAY This is our 3rd year giving to families in need of a hand of hope! Each year we have been able to do a little more. This years recipient is a single mother of 3 daughters.
inPOWERmeant Summit 2018 we presented our 2nd OMB families in Transition Scholarship. This family has stayed together through homelessness, joblessness, sickness, and much more. Our audience blessed them and we blessed then with groceries and other gift items. Learn more how you can help us help families in transition. at

Previous Recipients:

2017 OMB and Brady Richardson Scholarship recipient Dr. Camelia Straughn (She and her family lost all they owned in a fire that destroyed her home.

2018 OMB Scholarship Thomas and Jasmine Harris, Husband had been out of work for an extended amount of time.

2018 Brady Richardson Scholarship recipient Dr. Nyiema Carter-Eme She is leveling up her efforts in providing feminine hygiene products to the women of Abiriba Nigeria with her City2Village international initiative.

Please submit info for a family in need of bridge of hope and solutions for the 2019 OMB Scholarships:

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